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T3rmin4t0rz-Mission Accomplished-III

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T3rmin4t0rz-Mission Accomplished-III

Post by oded on Fri May 21, 2010 5:04 pm

T3rmin4t0rz-Mission Accomplished-III [Reloaded]

Tool dont have any hacking script to monitor your Ids and paswds. We
are recording only IP address of the user of are using its Fake mail
option just for our security puprpose. And this tool may have few bugs
that i am repairing. Its registered user will get notification to
update this tool.

Basic Features:
- Login 10 sets together [with: 10x1, 20x1,40x1,50x1,100x1]
- Save 100 Sets.
- No need to install any OCX files.
- Auto relogin Ids.
- Easy compatibility to Operate All Sets together.
- Use same/different Passwords.
- Check Login Status of All the Sets.
- Open setup files directly from the Tool.
- Ip resolver to get the fastest Mig33 IP.
- Save/Load Targets/Protect ids.
- Separate Flood box.
- Information with attractive Pop-Up menus.
- 12 Attractive Look themes..
- CPU use information.
- Auto save the last configuration.
- Interactive Chatbox with Enable/disable function and Smilies supportable.

Special Features:
- 2 Extra Master brutall with 200 sockets.
- ATM [To check and transffer balance to All ids]
- Admin Kiker to Kick with single Admin ID.
- Abuser Tool [to store and send unlimited abusive words in room with auto left]
- Pass Changer [Change password of 30 ids Together]
- GC bomber [Create unlimited GC windows from your multy ids]
- ROOM GC BOMBER [Make GC window with all the users of Selected Room]
- 2 SPY ids to Get Room list Fastly.
- Spy Id set Presence changer.
- Room Flood Templets/GC flood Templets.
- Group Chat Flooder [Flood Awesome Templets in group window with Roll flood]
- Invite targets on the Group.
- PVT Boomber.
- Multy Chat [Chat with your Random Multy Ids in room to confuse Admins]
- Special target list to inform the activites of Room users.
- Roll flood ids. [Roll flood from All the Ids]
- Multy IDs Creator.
- BOT Flood in Group, Room with Group Invitation to your Friends.

Auto Settings:
- Auto Greet [Editable AutoGreet Msg]
- Auto Enter Ids.
- Auto Leave Ids.
- Auto Vote.
- Auto Kick.
- Sniff Kick.
- Shoot At Sight Kick.
- Shadow Kick.
- WildCard Kick.
- Auto Update room List.
- Auto interval GetList.
- Kick on click List.

- Kick All [Kick 15 Targets with Delay & Loop options]
- Send Text in room.
- Admin Caller [Send Invitation msg to All Online Admins]

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]
[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]
[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]
[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]
[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]
[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]
[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]
[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]
[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]
tuh contoh nya di atas cobain aja neh lcara pakai nya aku kasih tau

Frequently Asked Questions:

-How to use Login IDs in TMA-III? [Basic Steps]
TMA-III you will need to take patience. TMA-III has many sockets
function with its own Active-X environment so it may take litle time to
successfully Open. 1st of all you need to Select the Fastest IP of
Mig33. Click on "Resolve IP" button present at the bottom of the
"control panel" of the TMA-III. Now confirm your SPY ID, Watch Id &
Multy Ids. Set them in the Setup Box [Multy Ids] & Controll Box
[Spy&Watch ID]. You can manually Save IDs directly in to the
configuration file. Check the following snapshot:
[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]
the the Number of Login IDs And Click on "Take Position All" >>
"LogIn All". Now you can check the "Status" of your IDs check the "S-1"
to "S-8" tab in the "SetUp" box.

-My TMA-III is hanging. What to do now?
-First of all you should check the System Requirement Information which displaying on the Installation window of TMA-III.
Minimum System Requirements:
-Pantium IV processor.
-512 Mb RAM.
-20 Mb Storage space.
-Windows XP-SP2 Operating System.
can disable the PopUps menu sound. Click on Theme and disable the
"PopUp Menu sound". Its better if you also disable the "Popup menus".
you should Login your IDs as "10x1". Do not open many options in
TMA-III. You can do according to your system configuration. Check the
"CPU Meter" present at the bottom of the tool.

-Why target list background color is changing?
you have set any target in the target list and your Spy Id is in room.
then it will auto indicate you the Room users activities. It will help
you to easily monitor the room users and targets
[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]
White Color = Target has left the room.
Green Color = Target has been Kicked.
Red Color = Target has entered.
Yellow = Target's Kick has started.

-How to do Brutall and Fast kicking?
its depend upon your internet connection speed. If you have fast
internet connection then you can try "Master Brutall". Open the Master
Brutall from the TMA-III main menu. Set the IDs in Master Brutall.
Select the users from the Room user List [Controls Box] and create a
target list. Login IDs in "Master Brutall" Enter all the Ids In room
and Press "KICK ALL" button on "Master Brutall".

But if you dont
have fast internet connection then LogIn your multy Sets in the "SetUp
Box" with 50x1 or 100x1 option. You can do the same, just enter your
all 10 Ids in the selected room and press "Kick All" button.

-Why Ids are not Auto leaving the room after enable "Auto Leave" option?
-Have you entered your SPY Id in that room? Is your chatbox is disabled?
Tip- Disable the "emotions" of chatbox for fast detection.
IF still IDs are not leaving, it means your Ids are silent in room from a long time. Please relogin all IDs.

-Where is "Admin Caller" and why it is not working?
yellow color button of caption "Admin Caller" present below the "Room
List Combo". Your "Watch ID" must be online in TMA-III to invite
admins. Also check the "Admin List" to confirm about admins username.
Check the following snapshot:[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]
-How to protect my friends during kicking? Where is protect user option?
the above 1st snapshot. There is a button "Citizens" click that Now you
can type the Protected usernames there or click the username in the
Room user list and press "S" button present at the right-bottom side of
the "Room user list"

-How to do GC-Bomb & PVT-Bomb attack?
the "GC Bomber" option in the "Room" Tab of the "Flood box". Please
confirm your "Watch ID" has added in the contact list of all the Multy
Ids which is being used in TMA-III. Login your "Watch ID" in the
controls box. Select Target in the "Target" Text Box. You must have to
Login all the 8 sets for unlimited GC-bomb Loop.

-How to do Group Chat Flood?
the Floodbox >> Group Tab. Here Login your "Flooder ID" [this Id
will flood in Group Chat window]. Login your "Inviter ID" [this Id will
Invite other users in Group window].
Tip: Use your main Id as Inviter Id to invite your friends in group.
-Now LogIn your both Flooder & Inviter ID. Make assure that your "Flooder ID" has logged in successfully.
-Type the "Target username" in the Pink color Target Textbox.
-Press the button "Create GC with Target". Now your Inviter Id will invite your Flooder Id in the PVT of the Target.
-Now make confirm, that a alphanumeric GC code is displaying in the DC Code textbox or not?
not, then Logout your flooder ID and Stop the Flood. Relogin your
Flooder ID. and Invite that flooder in the pvt of target by the Sjboy
--Press "Get Code" button immidiately after create Group window. [Just press one time "Get Code" button]
--If GC-code has come, you may select the Speed and Flood types options and Can start the Flood.

How to invite other users in Flooding group?
the next Tab present at the Right-side of the "Group" tab, Write the
usernames here which is present and Online in your Inviter Id contact
list. And press the "G" button to invite them.
Tip: write the Inviter Id username in the any textbox of this tab, to invite itself in the Flood group.

How to do roll flood in group?
this you must have to use Flooder Id which has added itself in its
contact list. Example: If my Id is "Yash" then i must have to add
"Yash" in its contact list.

-How to do Email bombing and fake mail bombing?
of all I wana inform you about Cyber Crime. Sending Fake mails is a
kind of cyber crime. So use this option on your own risks.
-Goto the "Mails" tab of the "Flood Box". now you can do from there.

How to do room flood from Flood Box?
Open the "Floof Box" from the "ControlBox". Select the "Room" tab. Now
Press the Green Color "<>" button to Login "room Flooder IDs".
your Room Flooder IDs from there. You can call any Multy "set" in Flood
Box by pressing radio buttons "Set-1, Set-2.....Set-8".
From ther you can do 3 types of Floods-
-1- Templet Flooding [Select Templet Radio Button and Press "Load-1,Load-2...Load-4" button to Select Templets".
-2- DC Codes Flooding [Select "DC Codes" Radio button".
-3- Manuall Text [Type your Text in the "Manual Text" textbox]
Press "Enter" button to enter IDs in room. [you must have to press
"Enter" button even if your IDs are already present in room]

there are 3 Options- "AUTO FLOOD" or By pressing "Send-1" "Send-2"
button. Uper "Send-1, Send-2" buttons are to Flood DC Codes by Set-1
and Set-2. Lower "Send-1, Send-2" buttons to Flood Templets" and the
Last "Send-1, Send-2" buttons are to Flood "Manuall Text"
You can use the SPEED CONTROLLER to maintain the Flood Speed according to your Net speed.

How to do ROLL TEXT FLOOD in room?
-LogIn your all 8 sets in Control Box [Setup Box].
- Select Room name in controll Box.
-Now type your Flood Message in the textbox present above the "Roll All" button.
-Set the "time interval" Value in the textbox present at the Left side of the "Roll All" button. By default its value is "15".
-Select "03" radio button present near the "Roll-All" button in the right bottom of the ControlBox.
-Now press "ROLL-ALL" button.

What about the ROLL-KICK?
that was just my effort to do roll-kick, As we know mig has bann the
roll kick. So i dnt think it will work honestly. But you can try it.

How to do ROOM GC BOOM?
-First of all Login your "Watch ID" in the ControlBox. Now Select any Room name and create the Room users List.
-Remember here is no option for protect users. All the room users will be effected by Room-Gc-Boom.
-Keep your Watch ID online on the contact list of all your MULTY IDS.
-Now you can press "ROOM GC BOMBER" button on the flood box.

What are Sniff Kick, Auto Kick, Shoot-At sight Kick, WildCard Kick?
Auto Kick - When any user will enter in room, TMA-III will start his Kick.

Kick- Select the Sniff Kick option from the "Settings" button of
ControlBox. Select any Alphabate [A to Z]. The entered user whose
username is starting with the Selected alphabate, will be kicked.

At sight Kick- In this kick you can type the username of your targets
in the Targets textboxes. Now if any target of them will be enter in
room, TMA-III will start his kick.

WildCard Kick- Its almost same as "Shoot at sight" kick. WildCard option is to recognize Multy ids of same series.
If your enemy has Multy Ids of series
"abc-xxx-001","xyz-abc-xyz","abcabc-xyz","xx-abc-xx-02". In this series
word "abc" is common. So you can write "abc" in the "Wildcard textbox".
Now if any id entered in room containing the word "abc", will be

How to do BOT Flood in Room?
-Open "Flood Box", Click on "Green Vertical button <>" to Set Room Flooder ID..
- Now type the "Same ID" in "Room Flooder Set-1 and Set-2".
If my Flooder ID is "roomflood" then in all the Textboxes of both "Room
Flooder Set-1 & Set-2" I will write "roomflood".
-Now "Load" "Room templet-3".
-Now Enter your id in room and Start "BOT Flood".




As I know that you know its Basic Features Like:
-Save/Load Multy IDs & Spy IDs.
-Save/Load Protect Users [Citizens] & Targets [Enemies].

Labeled Diagram Of TMA-III [Reloaded] Main window

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

To know about TMA-III [Reloaded] Features-
Check this:
[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Lets Know about its Main Features:

1. How to ADD WATCH ID on the Contact List of All Multy IDs?

Of all Open Your TMA-III, And write username and password of all the
Multy Sets in SetupBox [Do not Login Multy IDs now, We are just sending
Add requests From watch ID to Multy IDs]

-Now Open the
"FloodBox" and write your "watch ID's username" in all the Usernames
Textboxes of "Room Flooder ID-1" & "Room flooder ID-2". Check this

Click On Image to Enlarge.
[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]
the above image, My watch Id is "basant_patel". I am loggin it on
"ControlBox" and also in "FloodBox". In FloodBox Im logging the same
watch id in "Room Flooder-1" and "Room Flooder-2".

Step-2: ALLOW Add Rrequests Of WATCH IDs on MULTY IDs
so now we should confirm that all the Multy IDs has successfully Added
on our WATCH ID or Not? So Login your WATCH ID on SjBoy for your
confirmation. Check the Following image[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

have you got what i mean? All the Multy Ids has been added Successfully
On the Contact List Of WATCH ID. But But But its the only Single
Direction Process.

Now we need to Login Our ALL MULTY IDs that should be Login in 10x1 [8 sets]
Check the Status box to confirm all Multy IDs has successfully Login or not. If not then please let them login successfully.

Ok In my PC all my Multy Ids are successfully loggedIn. So now im going to allow the Watch Id Add requests on my multy IDs.

I pressed "ALLOW WATCH ID REUESTS" button on the FloodBox.
You can see the following snapshot-[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

2. How to do ROOM GC Bomb?

-Login your All 8 sets Multy Ids and Your Watch ID.
[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

-Now Select the Target Room with "forcely Get Room User List" button present near the Watch ID.

Im using my another Spy id "br0k3n.H3art.4u" from sjoboy to check the effect.Check the following snapshot-[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

-Now Open the FloodBox and Press "Start Room GC Button" and see the Effect-

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

tuh cara pakai aplikasi takut nya ga ngerti makanya aku tuntu yaaaaaa

eh link download ya brooooo sok romantis

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

replay dulu yaa [You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]



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